Courage is full of exciting action. It’s doing what you know you should do. Courage is about facing the things you should do rather it is conflict, seeking resolution, impacting others, going above and beyond yourself, having a life of adventure. It’s much bigger than yourself. Without courage, there is no living life to the fullest.

When lived out it encourages and lifts up others.

But what about the name of the show – Courageous Self-Confidence. Why add the adjective “courageous” anyway? Self-confidence built from courageous moment after courageous moment. Another way to say that is, as we exercise courage it helps us gain strides in self-confidence.

In this episode our hosts share about:

  • How courage encourages others
  • Moments of courage
  • Comfort vs. Courage
  • The relationship of courage and self-confidence
  • How pressure causes growth
  • Living a full life


Correct version of a quote we mention:

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Possibly Oscar Wilde

BONUS: Beliefs about courage (not all of these are in the episode itself)

Courage is

  • … acting despite fear
  • … conquering fear
  • … having your heel at the neck of fear
  • … getting it done
  • … the choice we make in the critical moment that makes us stronger
  • … with knees knocking and heart pounding, doing the right thing
  • … available to everybody
  • … boldness
  • … demonstrated only through action
  • … your friend
  • … your strongest companion
  • … destroys procrastination
  • … exhilarating
  • … displays a state of destiny
  • … sometimes used for the wrong things
  • … amplified with wisdom and discernment


  • … starts with faith
  • … comes from within
  • … exists so that new trails can be blazed
  • … takes you to the next level
  • … brings you through uncharted territories
  • … brings adventure

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Samuel Hatton is a fellow seeker of courage & confidence. He works with all types of career professionals & individuals to build confidence, set goals, change habits, and be accountable to their higher self. Full-time, he builds lead generation marketing engines in the IT services industry. Contact Samuel

Weston Pokorny is a modern day renaissance man. He does most anything that involves working with organizing spaces: home office design, custom backyard landscaping, carpentry, handyman, and general contracting. He love helping others gain clarity around stuff. (bio updated 2021) Contact Weston


  1. Margaret Meyncke

    Wonderful program. I listened to all three.
    First comment: It’s too long for me. My time is too short these days with school, family, work, and community. I used to listen to TED talks, but now, I can’t even do that. So my suggestion is make them more focused,shorter, and direct the energy to a more narrow and specific target.
    Second comment: Really good positive enthusiasm.
    Third comment: My discussion of courageous self-confidence would include “boundaries”. This topic has been the most useful and practical in my life. Once you have a foundational set of values, you can establish boundaries. Then practice courage to uphold those values in challenging circumstances.
    Fourth comment: In my family, we tend to have issues with “high self-esteem”. (I am the MOST humble.) Perhaps one of your shows could discuss this as well.
    Great JOB! Keep up the good work.

    • Samuel Hatton

      Margaret, thank you so much for the detailed feedback. I think the podcast length is best consumed on leisurely walks, commutes, and exercise. And I definitely agree – the episodes should be more jam packed of goodness. I’ll rethink the length for sure.

      You will surely see an episode regarding boundaries in the future.

      Can you elaborate on “high self-esteem”? Do you mean the opposite of “low self-esteem”?

    • anon

      Maybe have the ability to play at different speeds. 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x. Just like on Youtube.

    • Samuel Hatton

      Thanks for your suggestion. This is something I would love to put on the website.

      For now, you may want to check out the iPhone app called “Podcasts” and the Android app called “Pocket Casts”. Both allow for x1.25 x1.5 and x2 speed. Also you can download the audio file and play it in an app like Maple (for android). I don’t know of a good iPhone equivalent.

  2. April

    I was very excited and encouraged hearing you list the different functions of what ‘courage is.’ It made me feel motivated and hopeful! I believe the power a testimony (the story of courage) releases brings incredible amounts of hope, healing, and drive to an individual. Thanks!

    • Samuel Hatton

      Thanks April! It sounds like the episodes are doing their job… encouraging. Every Monday we’ll feature a new story of courage. It should be good!

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