#88 From Toxic Relationship to Regained Self-Confidence with Ashlee Dozier | Stories of Courage

Not everyone who struggles to have more self-confidence has a history of low self-confidence. What happens when you let someone into your life and they become the closest person in the world, but then they tear you down? Toxic relationships hurt. And the biggest hits are usually to self-confidence. This is a story of a woman who pushed through to regain her confidence.

In this episode

  • Signs of a non-physically abusive relationship
  • When enough is enough, how a solo-travel reset may help in rediscovering self-confidence
  • Fragrance, and it’s effects on confidence

Damage from an abusive relationship can heal

This story of courage is about someone who went through an abusive relationship and came out stronger and went on to create a luxury brand that is thriving. Ashlee detangled herself from an enmeshed relationship and escaped everything she knew to find her true self.

If you know someone who has or is going through something similar, you may want to pass this along. Ashlee’s story is certainly relatable and may bring hope and inspiration.


Ashlee’s Business Website Anuket Luxury Apothecary



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Samuel Hatton is a fellow seeker of courage & confidence. He works with all types of career professionals & individuals to build confidence, set goals, change habits, and be accountable to their higher self. Full-time, he builds lead generation marketing engines in the IT services industry. Contact Samuel


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