Over the course of this past year, I’ve learned a lot about podcasting. Here are my top podcasting lessons learned as well as some highlights.

In this episode

  • 16 Lessons learned from one year of podcasting
  • Podcast production highlights from the previous year
  • Behind the scenes stories


https://calendly.com – Simple, beautiful scheduling

https://trello.com – organize with work flow and check lists

https://www.cloudbeatsapp.com – play mp3 files from dropbox on your phone

Previous episodes mentioned

Top benefits from the Podcast

  1. It’s been a practical way for me to live out a personal mission
  2. I’ve gotten to have a ton of interesting conversations
  3. I got to meet a lot of new people I would have never met
  4. I enjoy it because I get to use my talents and strengths
  5. It pushed me to do some courageous things over this past year. Ie. basketball
  6. It’s been a great project for forcing me to put myself out there

Highlights / Celebrations from 1 year of podcasting

  • I got a show produced in under 2 hours – #75 – Magnetic personality
  • Following up with previous guests – Culleen Mullen #42 – From Chaos to Clarity
  • Landing a coaching client

Lessons learned from 1 year of podcasting – organized by categories


  1. Block out regular specific times for your podcast
  2. Find your rhythm. If you are more creative in the morning, create in the morning.
  3. Don’t waste a lot of time on show notes and graphics.
  4. Write down side notes on a sticky note and get back to work
  5. Use a scheduling tool
  6. Systems and templates make everything way easier
    • Trello
    • Adobe Premiere
    • Notepad
    • Blog theme
  7. Removing ums and uhs is a huge waste of time


  1. Say “No” to people who are not a good fit for your show. Know who makes for a great guest and only book those people.
  2. Review your episode before hitting publish
  3. If an interview isn’t working out. It’s okay to stop the interview.
  4. If you review a recording and it is horrible, it’s okay to scrap it. You can even ask to redo the interview if you want.


  1. A podcast is not the best thing to start with for creating content
  2. If one of the major objectives for your project is to make it profitable, start with profit
    • First get clients, then refine your product offering, then market it. Podcasting is marketing
  3. Make sure to challenge all the assumptions you made from the beginning of the project
    • I originally thought the download numbers would point me in the right direction
  4. I thought I was going to have the time to podcast and build this into a bigger project
    • This didn’t allow me to even get close to achieving one of my major goals … to create a digital product
  5. Take a break sooner
Samuel Hatton is a fellow seeker of courage & confidence. He works with all types of career professionals & individuals to build confidence, set goals, change habits, and be accountable to their higher self. Full-time, he builds lead generation marketing engines in the IT services industry. Contact Samuel

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