geoff-reese-wake-up-your-why-self-confidence-courage-self-esteem-1AURDALKnowing and living out your purpose is at the heart of Geoff Reese’s message. It’s reflected in his podcast, Wake Up Your Why.

Both he and I are kindred spirits because we are both started our podcasts just a few months ago and our messages are geared toward helping others gain certainty and clarity in their lives.

Geoff is the host of Wake Up Your Why, a podcast that features the stories of men and women living out their destiny. This is Geoff’s story about stepping out despite fear and taking action toward his purpose, his destiny.

In this episode

  • Geoff’s initial fear in taking on his podcast project
  • The various ways how Geoff copes with fear
  • How Geoff’s jouney brought him to podcasting
  • The limiting beliefs that caused procrastination and how he’s gotten past them we wrestle with


“Not doing anything about it is not going to make it better.” – Geoff Reese click to tweet

“In order to make an impact, you have to start.” – Geoff Reese click to tweet

“There’s two types of people: drainers and fuelers.” – Geoff Reese click to tweet

“You only get one shot at life, so go for it!” – Samuel Hatton click to tweet


Podcast & Website: Wake Up Your Why with Geoff Reese

Geoff on Twitter: @wakeupyourwhy

Geoff’s email – click to email

Website: Showrunner Podcasting Course

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Samuel Hatton

Samuel Hatton


Samuel Hatton is the full-time marketing guy at Endsight – San Francisco Bay Area’s premium locally sourced computer technology support. He’s a multi-talented creative, natural encourager, and is full of courageous ideas.

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