Encouragement rejuvenates the mind as water quenches thirst. Daily encouragement is an essential asset for a happy and meaningful life. It motivates and prepares you to face each new day. As food maintains the body and provides nourishment, so too encouragement keeps the mind intact and the wheels of motivation and enthusiasm going.

Everyone Needs Encouragement Everyday

Two young men are in conversation in a beautiful Mediterranean courtyard. Both dressed casually. Both with glasses. They are smiling.

It doesn’t matter who you are — Everyone needs encouragement, every day. Celebrities need it, professionals need it, government officials need it, children need it, the sick need it, and you and I need it. Sometimes, you take a dose of self-encouragement while at other times you get encouraged by someone else. And other times, you become encouraged by simply giving encouragement to someone else. No matter how dry your positive vibes well may seem, it is a necessity to will encouragement into your day.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.”

Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.” Daily encouragement helps to overcome obstacles fabricated by fear and refuels you to keep going, keep hoping, and keep believing in self, which is essentially self-confidence.

Be a Force of Encouragement

Encouraging someone else means to give them courage. It helps them boost confidence, gives hope, urges one to do their best despite the fear. It beckons others to attempt doing something new or tackle something that must be done. Encouragement also lets others know that you appreciate them, believe in them, and most importantly support them.

Medium shot of two young ladies hold each other in embrace facing away from the viewer. They are leading into each other and walking along a path.

And it is contagious. It begins with you encouraging someone, then that someone in turn encourages someone else, and the cycle continues; and comes right back to you. But often, it’s simply you encourage others, and they encourage you back.

Encourage others every opportunity that arises. Your world will be a better place emotionally if encouragement becomes an essential aspect of everyday activities. Your path will be made easier and better as you begin see clearly, for it is encouragement that lights and guides your pathway. Give encouragement freely.

Encourage people by making them smile, giving them a hand or a hug. Encouraging others is an investment that will yield exponential returns. We all have friends who have blue days every now and then. Encouragement for a friend could be telling them things you like about them or simply how much they mean to you. Make it a habit to encourage other people, especially those closest to you.

Shape Your Environment for Daily Encouragement

You have the privilege of shaping your environment, of creating the kind of atmosphere that you want. No matter how small that environment may seem, there are sacred spaces that you control.

Encouraging environments are positive environments that are charged with motivation and permeated with good vibes. Take control of your environment by beginning each day with encouragement. Mornings are the best times for refueling, as it kick-starts and sets your attitude and the tone of the entire day.

A workspace with a closed laptop, tulip flowers, brown embossed journal, gold rimed white mug highlights a sign that says the encouraging words, "Be kind, have grace, give thanks, speak love, and stay swaggy.

So put messages of encouragement in your morning spaces, those places where you are apt to see them. The mirror. The fridge. The coffee maker. Control the atmosphere in your environment by charging it with encouragement. Apply this to all your environments, be it work, school, church, or home; wherever you have authority to shape your environment. Do it with an intention of encouragement spurring you forward. Find yourself make that space an encouraging environment.

Add Self-Encouragement to Your Morning Routine

The morning is also a fantastic time practice self-encouragement. Practically speaking this means spending some time simply bullet journaling affirmations. I find that affirmations come more quickly when first I bullet journal gratitudes. Open your journal (or note page in your favorite note taking app) and spill your words of gratitude on the page.  Your partner, your home, your family, your job … yes, there are some things about your job that you can be grateful for, try it. This gets your juices going. Then affirm yourself. For example: I am ______.

  • … brave
  • … strong
  • … blessed
  • … smart
  • … wanted
  • … God’s child
  • etc.

Affirmations are purest form of self-encouragement, and they set an atmosphere.

Close up of a man's hand holding a white mug of black coffee.

Make affirmations a habit. A habit is simply doing the same thing over and over and over. So, to make this a daily habit, resolve a single action that you can do within 30 seconds after something you already do.

For example, If you pour yourself coffee each morning, resolve that after you pour your coffee, you will sit down in a place to get your affirmations written. You might have a comfy chair with a table next to it. Shape your environment to put a journal there where you can write down things you are grateful for and all your personal affirmations.

Soak Up Words of Encouragement

Words of encouragement can be encouraging messages sent via text, or a WhatsApp message, post it notes with encouraging words. There is no restriction where words of encouragement are placed.

Close up of pavement with scattered leaves. A light blue chalk written words of encouragement read, "You got this."

These words can be found on clothing, paraphernalia, jewelry, billboards, vehicles, stationery, banners, etc. Notice these words of encouragement. You get to benefit from others and the environments that they have shaped for you. Draw in the encouraging messages to fill your spirit, change the mood, and enhance the quality of life.

Other Ways to Get Daily Encouragement

Besides everything I’ve shared thus far, it also comes from reading religious material, through meditation, listening to a song or soothing sounds, receiving, or saying a prayer, looking at peaceful scenery or the beauty of nature, listening to motivational speakers or reading quotes, saying, or receiving kind words, getting, or giving financial help, receiving, or giving a smile or approval.

Close up of a young bearded man with back back with white earbuds in his ears. The sun riming his head implies it's dusk or dawn. He stairs off in the distance.

Also, you can subscribe to encouragement! Sign up for an email list to get courage delivered to your inbox. Subscribe to podcasts that focus on encouragement. Follow encouraging social accounts that will pepper your social feeds with words of encouragement.

Daily Encouragement is Essential

The results of encouragement are phenomenal; it fosters growth and development, builds confidence and determination, gives hope, improves each of your relationships, and helps to overcome fear.

So, lavish on the positive daily encouragements.

Encouragement is a catalyst. It makes you feel good about yourself and others, it gives you strength to undertake tasks that needs to be accomplished while giving you the wings of hope on which to soar over the humps and bumps that arise.

Batman and Superman as Lego figurines sit on a street curb eating ice cream.

Just as the superheroes on television use superpowers to fight evil, daily encouragement is your superpower that structures you into an unstoppable force for good. It gives you the ability to overcome fears and doubts, crush the enemies of low self-esteem and self-limiting beliefs, so you can live fulfilled and be victorious.

Samuel Hatton is a fellow seeker of courage & confidence. He works with all types of career professionals & individuals to build confidence, set goals, change habits, and be accountable to their higher self. Full-time, he builds lead generation marketing engines in the IT services industry. Contact Samuel


  1. Joanna Lott

    Love this post. There is a multimillionaire business woman I know who has a call with a friend every single morning to encourage each other to keep going. I certainly could do with that many days!

    • Samuel Hatton

      Thanks for the kudos and comment. Your friend is really onto something!

  2. Bere

    Very true! Thanks for this article.

    • Samuel Hatton


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