courageous-self-confidence-personal-assessment-courage-Self-Discovery-Resources-1BB9RCHYour self-confidence can be impacted by following the timeless statement “know thyself”. Here are seven self discovery resources to help you know yourself.

You will find that the more you know yourself, the more calculated risks you can take, leading to greater strides in self-confidence. Happiness and peace of mind can be found in working from you strengths. Being in alignment with your personality. Understanding the abilities unique to you. Learn more about each of these in this episode.

In this episode


Resource #1

Strengthsfinder 2.0 by Tom Rath (book & personal assessment)

Resource #2

Unique Ability by Catherine Nomura and Julia Waller (book)

Resource #3

16 Personalities (my favorite free Myers Briggs personality assessment)

Resource #4

BOSI Entrepreneurial DNA (free entrepreneurship style assessment)

Resource #5

DISC Personality Profile Assessment websites: (free test) (free test) (more information on DISC)

Resource #6

How to enlist your friends in your self discovery quest

The 6th self-discovery resource mentioned in this episode is unique to you. It’s your network of friends.

If you want to get great perspective on yourself from the eyes of the people who are around you and love you most, ask the following question. I used this question in a Facebook message to several of my friends a few years ago and got some great feedback.

I know this is a strange request, but you are my friend and I value your feedback. I am doing an exercise to help me get more perspective. Can you answer the following question? If you were to describe me in 5 different ways to someone who didn’t know me, how would you describe me? These 5 ways can be single words or short sentences if you’d like. Thanks!

Resource #7

How to take inventory of your intangible assets

Your intangible assets are what make up your network, connections, abilities, talents, skills, passions, experience, etc. Here is how you can take inventory of the intangible assets that you can use to gain more understanding of what you are working with for your success.

The following questions are in no way a comprehensive list, they are just questions that can get you started. Feel free to add more questions if you would like too.


  • What experiences have you been successful in?
  • What experiences made you feel like you were on top of the world? What do those experiences have in common with each other?
  • What are your greatest accomplishments?


  • What are you passionate about?
  • What activities are you passionate about?
  • What activities have you done that bring you energy?
  • What activities can you do for 10 hours straight?
  • What dreams do you have locked away in your heart?
  • Why do you do what you do?


  • What are you good at?
  • What do others come to you for advice in?
  • What have you gotten paid to do?
  • What are you credentialed in?


  • Who do you know in your network who is wise and is open to giving you advice?
  • What people in your life bring you energy?

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Samuel Hatton

Samuel Hatton

Samuel Hatton is a multi-talented media creator and an encourager. His mission is to encourage others in who they truly are so that they can have greater capacity to live out their destiny. He does this by producing inspiring content as well as coaching people to take courageous action toward their passions and goals.

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