Stories of Courage. Midlife Career Transition to Real Estate with Mario Jannatpour.At age 41, Mario Jannatpour had a midlife career transition from hi-tech sales to real estate. His most recent passion is helping new realtors build their business.

Mario Jannatpour has been expanding his thought leadership in the the real estate since. We explore his story through this transitions and the courage that it takes to live into a life of purpose. His story comes from Colorado, CA and it starts from a place of courage – a career transition.

In this episode


I might have doubts about what I can deliver sometimes, but I never feel like a fraud. – Mario Jannatpour click to tweet

The best decision is an educated, informed decision. – Mario Jannatpour click to tweet

If you are thinking about making a change talk to other people that are actually doing it. – Mario Jannatpour click to tweet

We can have the best of intentions, but it’s not going to bulletproof you from doubts. – Samuel Hatton click to tweet


The Honest Real Estate Agent by Mario Jannatpour (book)

The Honest Real Estate Agent by Mario Jannatpour (podcast website)

30 Days to Success Summit (Mario’s newest project)

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Samuel Hatton

Samuel Hatton

Samuel Hatton is a multi-talented media creator and an encourager. His mission is to encourage others in who they truly are so that they can have greater capacity to live out their destiny. He does this by producing inspiring content as well as coaching people to take courageous action toward their passions and goals.

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