How to Live a Life of Adventure with Derek Loudermilk. Stories of Courage. Courageous Self-Confidence Podcast.The courageous person lives a life of adventure. How does one define a life of adventure? We turn to an adventure expert who embodies adventure to answer.

Derek Loudermilk is down to earth. Whereas I focus on courage and self-confidence, he focuses on adventure. He is the host of The Art of Adventure podcast where he interviews lifestyle entrepreneurs, global travelers, and those who push the limits of human performance. There is a lot of overlap when it comes to adventure and courage. Both involve action and risk and a higher level of living for the sake of making your life a story worth telling. This is his story.

In this episode

  • How to live a life of adventure click to tweet
  • Insights from a student and teacher of charisma and personality development click to tweet
  • The line between recreation and work for the lifestyle entrepreneur click to tweet

References – Derek Loudermilk’s website

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The Wisdom of Success: The Philosophy of Achievement by Andrew Carnegie & Napoleon Hill  (book)

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Samuel Hatton

Samuel Hatton

Samuel Hatton is a multi-talented media creator and an encourager. His mission is to encourage others in who they truly are so that they can have greater capacity to live out their destiny. He does this by producing inspiring content as well as coaching people to take courageous action toward their passions and goals.

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