kaitlyn-mirison-internal-foundation-courageous-self-confidence-self-esteem-courage-1B8E992Kaitlyn Mirison, author of An Artists Pillars, shares about her breakthrough in personal courage by developing a solid internal foundation.

Courage extends out from your internal foundation as you live your life and make choices. Taking the time to establish the foundation is essential for being able to live into who you truly are.

In this episode


An Artist’s Pillars by Kaitlyn Mirison (Book)

Potential & Possibility by Kaitlyn Mirison (Podcast)

YouTube audio excerpt from Kaitlyn’s book


“I used to say there is no one harder on me but me, now I’m absolutely a best friend to myself.” – Kaitlyn click to tweet 

“I don’t fight with my fear and self-doubts anymore. I allow them to come in and I listen to them.” – Kaitlyn click to tweet

On perfectionism “The truth is that the value lies in the content, and me sharing of it is perfect.” – Kaitlyn click to tweet 

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Samuel Hatton

Samuel Hatton

Samuel Hatton is a multi-talented media creator and an encourager. His mission is to encourage others in who they truly are so that they can have greater capacity to live out their destiny. He does this by producing inspiring content as well as coaching people to take courageous action toward their passions and goals.

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