vulnerability-courage-courageous-self-confidence-catherine-plano-1B78BVH0Catherine Plano, the creator of I AM WOMAN Magazine shares her adventure and fears of trading a six-figure income for the opportunity to transform lives as a life coach and thought leader.

We explore her career transition that took place almost 7 years ago, as well as the unexpected obstacles that came along the way. After 22 years of corporate experience, she has built on her experience and now helps executives, women, and youth get a handle on their businesses, professions, and lives.

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How to fake it till you make it click to tweet 

How to have fun in your work through meaning click to tweet 

How to transition from corporate into a career as a life coach click to tweet 

The power of focusing on strengths and delegating weaknesses click to tweet 

Why embracing fear helps you work through fear click to tweet 

Using body language to gain personal transformation click to tweet 


“Your perception of me is a reflection of you. My reaction to you is an awareness of me.” -Unknown/Catherine 🙂 click to tweet 

“I don’t just face my fears, I embrace them.” – Catherine Plano click to tweet 


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Catherine Plano on self-limiting beliefs

The last time and one that still resonates with me is the time I left my corporate life earning $150K to ZERO – when I made the decision to start my own company, now that was an experience I will never forget. When you work for a large corporation, they have their sales, marketing and all the departments that is required to run a large corporation but when you decide to take the plunge and try it out for yourself, there is only YOU and that’s scary, your stuff comes up like:

  • am I good enough?
  • am I smart enough?
  • do I know what I am doing?
  • will people believe in me?
  • what about if I fail?
  • what will people think of me? and… the list goes on….

It was a constant battle for 12 months, and one day it dawned on me, when I was at my lowest, lowest point in life. I had an epiphany! I realised that what I was perceiving as my reality, I was actually projecting into my world and manifesting exactly what I was believing and creating for myself.

And… this is when I decided to change, even if I wasn’t where I wanted to be, I had to pretend that I was exactly where I wanted to be (I will go more into the story in the interview) and from that my motto became ‘fake it until you make it’ and so I did completely that! I started to think the opposite and things changed and starting turning around.

The moral of the story is this – if you think and see your reality as your map of your world, then you will behave this way and create exactly that for yourself. I now teach this stuff because it is that simple, we make it complicated.

Catherine Plano on fear

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

Fear is not real; it’s a figment of our imaginations. I don’t just face my fears, I embrace them, I dance with my fears as I know fears are a product of our thinking and perception, it is our own imagined interpretation of an outcome. Fears are simply stories we tell ourselves. So all you need to do is change your story and focus on that one until it manifests into reality.

Catherine Plano on regaining confidence

I do a lot of public speaking and sometimes for no reason, I get nervous, I get butterflies in my belly and the more I focus on how nervous I am, then guess what? The more nervous I become and there goes all my confidence – out the door! My nerves perpetuates into something that is out of control.

So now instead of trying to calm my nerves and try to feel confident, I turn my butterflies into excitement – after all it is the meaning we give things, when we experience them. With that in mind I also trick my mind with my body language, and the message I tell myself.

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Samuel Hatton

Samuel Hatton

Samuel Hatton is a multi-talented media creator and an encourager. His mission is to encourage others in who they truly are so that they can have greater capacity to live out their destiny. He does this by producing inspiring content as well as coaching people to take courageous action toward their passions and goals.

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