boundaries-in-marriage-courage-self-esteem-self-confidence-1AV5U9TWhen it comes to boundaries, even boundaries in marriage, it’s important to consider several factors. Privacy and time are among the top of these factors.

Having solid boundaries is one of the most crucial factors toward success in relationships and in achieving your dreams, desires, destiny.

In this episode

  • How boundaries in relationships should be established
  • Why privacy needs to be respected in every relationship
  • Where you should be spending the most of your energy
  • How having boundaries helps you make better decisions
  • How to protect your dreams, goals, values, time, with boundaries


I should mention Danny Silk, since he is the one who first shared with me the analogy of boundary circles.

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Boundaries in marriage and beyond

Imagine a circle with an x in the middle of it. This x represents you. The circle represents your personal boundary. There are things within this circle that you should keep private.

Outside of this circle is your wife. She can be represented as an x too. A circle encompasses her and your circle. These two circles represent your relationship. No one goes into this relationship. There is a privacy and a reverence within this relationship.

Past this circle is your family, community, and general public. These are concentric circles. The further you go out the less access to you you give. The closer in the greater energy and access you allow.

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Samuel Hatton

Samuel Hatton


Samuel Hatton is the full-time marketing guy at Endsight – San Francisco Bay Area’s premium locally sourced computer technology support. He’s a multi-talented creative, natural encourager, and is full of courageous ideas.

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