If you want an attractive magnetic personality then there are a number of things you must focus on. Physical attractiveness AND behavioral attractiveness.

In this episode

  • How to be attractive
  • 10 ways to a magnetic personality
  • How to own your confidence
  • How to exude charisma

10 Ways to a magnetic personality

The first 5 are all about looks. The second 5 are all about behavior.

  1. Dress to impress
  2. Be certain in your walk and talk
  3. Have excellent posture
  4. Smile
  5. Give a firm handshake
  6. Have something interesting to say / stories / or dig in
  7. Listen and pay attention
  8. Dance with people in conversation (if someone bounces out, you bounce out), if someone is aggressive, pull back / Be ready to reject
  9. Use the other person’s name
  10. Lather on the compliments

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