self-esteem-self-confidence-courage-accepting-what-you-cannot-change-1ATRUA3Let’s face it, accepting what you can’t change is difficult. However, it’s the fastest way to personal alignment. It’s the starting point, knowing the difference between what you can control and what you can’t.

Personal alignment is lining up one’s beliefs, thoughts, words, actions, habits, values, and destiny. If each of these various aspects of your being are lined up with one another then you can begin living with inner peace.

All of these things we have some control over, so it’s absolutely important to understand these things because these are essentially the only things you can control.

In this episode

  • Why accept the things you cannot change
  • Why meditation and prayer is important for creating peace in your life
  • How to shift into and maintain complete alignment
  • Why we should use mulitiple perspectives in reducing stress and anxiety
  • Why say things like “Everything’s going to be alright.”


Serenity Prayer

“O God, give us the serenity to accept what cannot be changed,
The courage to change what can be changed,
and the wisdom to know the one from the other”
– Reinhold Niebuhr

(referenced from book We Plan Our Own Worship Services by Winnifred Wygal)

Cognitive Dissonance Theory  by Leon Festinger

Hymn – It is Well with My Soul

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Multiple perspectives exercise

By looking at your situation from multiple perspectives you will be able to gain more peace within this situation and ultimately within your life.

  • Ask yourself what would my 6-year-old self think of this situation?
  • What would my 80-year-old self think of this situation?
  • What would my mom think of this situation?
  • What would a distant cousin think of this situation?
  • What would the mailman think of this situation?

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Samuel Hatton


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Weston Pokorny


Weston Pokorny is a free-lance business technology consultant. People call him when they are faced with major projects they just can't get organized around. He's a master organizer, people connector, and is full of courageous compassion.

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