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27 Day​s to Confidence

an action-based program to help you expose self-limiting beliefs, overcome social anxiety, and be the superhero of your life

by Samuel Hatton, life coach and creator ​of

Each day outlines a simple exercise that will allow you to gain more confidence and live a life you love. With encouragement and accountability baked into every step, you’ll be transformed through practice and mindset renewal.

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What people are saying:

“Samuel was amazing. He is highly skilled in the area of accountability coaching. Just after our initial communication threads I was on track to major breakthroughs.”
– Ethan

“Sam is terrific! Really helped me get momentum going!”
– Jeremy

“Samuel was a great coach and help me to publish my website, which I was procrastinating for many months. Hes is committed and accountable, and provided me great tips about networking..”
– Gustavo

“Samuel helped me to improve my communication Skills. I must say he’s an excellent coach which has very intuitive methods to learn about communication, to listen more and to grow as a person, in general.”
– Andrés

“Samuel has been my accountability coach for several weeks now and I’ve found him to be smart, empathic, resourceful and kind. His presence and availability are an inspiration. He’s an enormous credit to and to humanity in general.”
– Roland

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